The label DIE MODE BIST DU - Evgeniya Scherer was founded in 2020 by the artist and designer Evgeniya Scherer, who has her studio in Lahr and is originally from Bulgaria. Evgeniya Scherer creates unique and sustainable clothing that tells stories. With the statement of her label "Fashion is you", she pleads for a resource-saving use of textiles and reflects the responsibility we bear for nature back to her customers.
The unique pieces of the first four collections were designed and cut from old clothes or leftovers and samples of haute-couture laces. It is not only the recycling of existing resources that is important to the designer. Too much waste is still a big problem in the textile industry. That is why Evgeniya Scherer also avoids waste through the choice of cuts.

Her collection "Facets of Change" was selected from hundreds of applications from all over the world and presented at Paris Fashion Week 2021. Even during her studies of fine arts, Evgeniya Scherer was fascinated by the fusion of nature and man. Many of her artworks deal with the need for harmony between man and the environment and the responsibility that man bears towards creation. Thus, the symbiosis of Scherer's artworks with fine fabrics also stands for a perfect harmony between man, his traditions and nature in the new TRADIVERSUM collection. This collection was presented at New York Fashion Week in September 2022.